About Us

The Montessori Teachers’ Association of Delaware is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational enrichment and support for Montessorians and other educators in Delaware and surrounding areas. MTAD has a long history beginning under the leadership of Lillian Shah of the Elementary Workshop Montessori School, who sought to bring teachers together to share their classroom experiences. In 2006, the organization incorporated as an official non-profit organization. It has since expanded to offering conferences, workshops and other support for Montessori educators. The organization is guided by a Board comprised of the Heads of School from the each of the participating Delaware Montessori Schools. Please let us know your interests in helping MTAD continue to develop its leadership in education.

The MTAD Board

Cathy Lopez-Cooling
Head of School
Children’s House Montessori School

Janette S. Henry, M.Ed., M.B.A.
Head of School
The Hockessin Montessori School

Vice President
Lisa Lalama
Head of School
Wilmington Montessori School

E. McCrae Harrison
Assistant to the Principal
Montessori at Christina School District

Membership Coordinator
Penny Escobar
Head of School
Newark Montessori Pre-School

Annual Conferences

A goal of MTAD is to provide opportunities for local Montessori teachers to hear national speakers locally without the costs of travel to conferences. In the past years, the conference has highlighted respected Montessorians as well as non-Montessori speakers who complement our work. These have included:

Martha Torrence
Dr. Robert Brooks
Madelyn Swift
Marth McDermott
Dr. Steven Hughes
Dr. Elizabeth Coe
Judy Bauerlein

Parent Lectures

MTAD provides an annual lecture for parents of children in member schools. This lecture is held on the night prior to the annual conference and features the conference speaker. It is a great opportunity for parents to share in the learning experience of teachers.

Montessori Teacher Education Scholarship

As a 501©3 organization, MTAD raises funds to support Montessori causes in Delaware and nationally. In particular, MTAD is focused on the ongoing development and support of a teacher training scholarship. For more information, please refer to the Scholarship page of our website which provides details regarding the Marilyn Tokarsky Teacher Education Scholarship.

Becoming an Involved Member

MTAD welcomes your involvement in planning workshops, the annual conference, and the parent lecture series. Please communicate with us through our Contact Us page.