School Membership

Each school pays a fee of $1.50 per student enrolled as of September 15th and provides the name of one teacher or administrator who will be your school’s representative to MTAD. This fee will enroll all of your teaching staff as members of the organization. When you make your membership payment, please send your staff list with current e-mail information to Anita Robertshaw, membership chair, for our records. It is important that MTAD be able to communicate directly to our members via e-mail and through you as the Head of School. Send you school’s membership form with payment to Penny and email your staff list to Anita by September 30th. School/Staff membership allows your staff to attend the MTAD conference in February and evening workshops at the membership rate.

A second benefit of the school/staff MTAD membership is discounted joint advertising with other member schools. Schools who participate in the advertising options for MTAD Member schools will be provided a link to their schools on the upcoming MTAD website. The MTAD website is where parents, prospective teachers, and others will go to learn about all things Montessori in Delaware. This is an exciting opportunity for your school to be recognized as one of the leading Montessori Schools in Delaware. This year advertising may take the form of billboards about Montessori Education and/or placement of full page adds in the Community News throughout the state of Delaware in January and February. This advertising allows us to send a unified message about Montessori education that benefits all Montessori schools. In addition, it offers a larger advertising presence at a cost to member schools which is comparable to what each school would individually pay for a smaller ad. Included in this mailing is a copy of last year’s ad and information about participating in this year’s advertisement.