International Montessori School, Wilmington
One Middleton Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808
p 302.235.2587

Head of School: Karen Pontrelli
Ages Served: Infants through Kindergarten

Accreditations: American Montessori Society

Choosing the right school for your child can be an overwhelming task. But we are here to help! At International Montessori Schools, we pride ourselves on fostering productive, harmonious communities where children are free to learn and discover at their own pace. Our faithful implementation of the Montessori philosophy ensures that they grow holistically, developing valuable skills on various social and intellectual levels.

Each of our five IMSchools locations offers a stimulating, child-centered environment that is fine-tuned to optimize the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of your child. Our teachers are highly trained individuals with backgrounds as diverse as those of our students; from Peru to Nepal, from China to Columbia, many cultures meet in our classrooms. Their role is to guide children in the classroom, patiently helping them find their own solutions rather than feeding them answers. Children grow confident and independent as they are given the time and space to choose their own work, collaborate, and solve problems. In addition to carefully selecting and preparing materials to aid your child’s physical, emotional and academic progress, our teachers are also committed to fostering a warm and inviting environment for your child to grow and develop.

Mission Statement: International Montessori Schools strive to be leaders in innovative child education by providing exceptional Montessori programs that develop self-confident, independent and eager learners who are challenged to seek and achieve their full potential.
Our schools strive to:

  • Nurture enduring respect, grace and gratitude
  • Stimulate academic curiosity and lifelong passion for learning
  • Inspire renaissance thinking
  • Strengthen global community and cultural understanding
  • Kindle a sense of stewardship of the world