About MTAD

MTAD has a long history beginning under the leadership of Lillian Shah of the Elementary Workshop Montessori School who sought to bring teachers together to share their classroom experiences. In 2006, the organization incorporated as an official non-profit organization. During recent years, the organization has expanded to offer conferences, workshops and other support for Montessori educators. The organization is guided by a Board. It is our hope to expand the participation of members as we plan for conferences and take on initiatives in public policy to support Montessori programming for children. We are currently developing a five-year strategic plan. During this process, we are evaluating the mission of MTAD and our focus as a resource for all things Montessori in Delaware. Please let us know your interests in helping to make MTAD an exciting organization for all of us.

MTAD Officers

1400 Harvey Road • Wilmington, DE 19810
p 302.475.0555 • f 302.529.7004